Thursday, March 22, 2018

Irish Setter Ornament

For my next project, I created an ornament using the Irish Setter silhouette I created for the Welcome sign.  The setter silhouette was cut out of a Basswood round with the bark still attached.  The ornament is approximately 4" in diameter and about 5/8" deep.  Once complete with the setter cut, I drilled a hole through the top of the ornament and added a piece of jute to hang the ornament.  Afterwards several light coats of shellac were applied and a black felt backer was added to make the setter cut pop.

The ornament could be customized with a woodburned kennel name, dog name, and / or the year to give it a more personal touch.

Here's a side view of the ornament to show the depth of the cut:

Like the ornament?  It will be for sale soon at my Etsy store - stay tuned!

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