Monday, July 3, 2017

An Irish Setter Leash Holder

A while back, I was looking for Irish Setter scrollsaw patterns on the internet and wasn't coming up with much. Nearly all of the patterns that I was able to find were either of very generic setters or were field setters. One of the few patterns that came up online from a scroller known as Arpop. It was a dog bone with a field setter silhouette on top. I wasn't a fan of the field setter design, so I adapted it to be a silhouette of a confirmation setter.  Within the bone, I added 4 small hooks and added a wall hanger on the back so that the design could be used as a leash holder.

I created the product out of 3/8" plywood and stained it red mahogany.  It was then coated with several coats of polyurethane.  The final product is ~11" x 9.5".

Stay tuned - this item is going to be for sale soon on etsy!

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